Tricks You Can Learn to Become a Professional Moto Racing Driver


Racing a motorbike in a motocross competition or MotoGP World Championship is an altogether different ballgame from speeding away on it on city roads or highways. There are several rules and regulations that you’ll have to comply just to keep racing and avoid getting disqualified. That calls for not only having extraordinary riding or biking skills but also chiseling or sharpening those skills. In case you’re a motorcycling enthusiast and have set your sights on becoming a professional moto racing driver, then simply abide by the following guidelines or tips.

  1. Throttle Control

If you don’t want to be labeled as another run-off-the-mill driver, abstain from using the throttle simply as a turn on-turn off toggle. Keep the throttle on or open even if you’re decelerating as your bike will surely need to rev up when you’re taking a sharp, precarious turn at an elevated bend or when you’re racing downwards from a steep incline.

  1. Position Your Chest Close to the Tank

It’s not only the aerodynamic design of your bike that lets you overcome resistance and ride smoothly but also how you position yourself on the bike. Positioning your torso, especially the chest on the fuel-tank and sitting somewhat hunched goes a long way in reinforcing the motorbike’s aerodynamics and also in better positioning the machine’s centre of gravity. This technique transfers added stability or equipoise to the tyre at the front letting you ride, pace up, and decelerate with greater control.

  1. Making Corrections in the Mid-Corner

More often than not, it becomes quite strenuous and difficult to make course corrections in the mid-corner line, even for experienced riders. Despite leaning towards the peak, the rider gets the feeling that he is veering off the course but is in a fix to make the required corrections. Now, there are plenty of options available to you to make the mandatory adjustments. Consulting with a seasoned driver who can offer you tips on mid-corner line corrections can be a big help.



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