Important Facts Related to Moto Racing


A familiarity with the rules and regulations associated with MotoGP World Championship lets you take full pleasure in feasting your eyes on motorcyclists racing on the tracks regardless of whether you’re a live spectator or viewing the meet on TV in the cool comfort of your home. You can go through the full list of rules and regulations of FIM (Federation International De Motorcyclisme or International Motorcycling Federation) in the association’s official site. However, if you’re most interested in glancing through the terms and conditions, just keep reading this article. Infringement of track rules and disobeying flag instructions leads to the motorcyclist being slapped with an array of fines or handed punishments.

The severity of the punishment invariably depends upon the seriousness or gravity of breach or violation and can range from warnings to fines. Penalties can also include modification of racing position, time readjustments, prohibitions, cancellation of points, and suspensions, and so on.

The Ride-Through Penalty or Punishment Procedure

The Ride-through punishment is invoked when any participant has dashed off the starting line prior to the flashing of the red signal which is an indication that the competition has got underway. As far as the penalty is concerned, the offender has to race on the pit lying off the track before he can resume racing on the track. The offender simply has to keep on racing inside the pit at a speed not exceeding 60km/hr and violation of the speed limit will mean that the rider will have to go through the ride-through process. If the motorcyclist yet again fails to comply with the process, he stands disqualified.

If the offending rider has not performed the ride-through penalty mechanism during the entire course of the race, he faces a time penalty of at least 20 seconds.  

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