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Moto racing or motorcycle racing to be precise refers to the competitive and/or leisure sport of riding motorbikes on almost all types of terrains including city roads, mountainous tracks, desert trails, indoor tracks, and so on. Racing or speeding away on motorbikes developed and evolved as a sporting discipline almost concurrently with automobile sports. Short motorcycle races were organized on the sidelines of the earliest competitive auto meets. Tricycle races were more popular towards the close of the nineteenth cent eventually replaced by Werner motorcycle meets. The first ever motorbike racing competition was held in France in Dourdan in the year 1905 where motorcyclists from Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, and Denmark participated.

Across the Atlantic, in USA, the constitution of the Federation of American Motorcyclists in the city of New York in 1903 led to the staging of North America’s first motorbike competition. The association underwent a name change in 1924 and was rechristened as American Motorcycle Association that still organizes the 320-km Daytona Moto Racing meet which was held for the first time in 1937. The most celebrated of all motorcycling racing events, the Grand Prix that gradually evolved into Formula One Grand Prix, was arranged for the first time in 1921 in Belgium. Since then the GP has branched into nationalistic variations including the German GP, Dutch GP, and so on.

Moto racing has as many as types or genres as auto racing of which the main kinds include hill climbs, ice racing, drag racing, motocross, speedway, trials, and road racing. Road racing world championships came up for the first time in 1949 and usually take place on public roads that happen to be closed courses. Motorcycle trials that have been staged before the onset of the WW1, take place off or on highways where motorcyclists have a longer duration to cover. Similarly, each and every genre of moto racing has its own characteristics that distinguish the meet from other competitions.





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